Babylon Forsaken

"Come out of her My people" - Jesus Christ

                        "SUMMONS OF TRUTH"
                       DIGITAL AUDIO SERMONS

"Summons of Truth" is the Radio Ministry of the Riverridge Church of GOD, the home of Babylon Forsaken Ministries. You can listen to the Broadcast every Sunday at 6:00PM on 92.3 FM WYGE LONDON KY. Or you can listen to previous broadcasts here. These audio files were recorded at a low bit-rate for quick downloads and easy uploads; the sound quality, though not the best, is very good.  The Sermon list is in alphabetical order. Except the last few which are from other ministries.

We hope you enjoy the sermons, and be sure to check back periodically, because we will be adding new ones.

  Babylon Forsaken Ministries  
Another Comforter
Ark of the Covenant
The Beatitudes
A Black Christmas
Evidence of Faith
Foolish Virgin?
The Gates of Jerusalem
God Who Sees Me
God's Greatest Work
The Good News
Grieving Away the Spirit
Hope in Madness
Idols of the Heart
Just Before God
Molech - Rock / Roll
Obstacles To Revival
Pre-Trib Rapture?
Prepare Your Ark
Simplicity of the Gospel
The Titanic
Test Your Faith
There is No Excuse
This is not that-TONGUES
Three Stations of Man
True Religion
Twice Dead
What A Friend!
What Happens At Death?

The Father's Love Letter
Harry Potter? - D. Myers.