One of the purposes of worshipping God in song is that the listeners and those who sing along can actually be taught about GOD and his Word. Every hymn or spiritual song is a sermon according to the Bible.

Colossians 3:16  Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom; teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord.

A song should be looked at as a powerful sermonette that can easily be retained in the mind, and shared with others. The Godly influences and knowledge that have been bestowed upon the people of God by such powerful hymns as “Rock of Ages”, “Amazing Grace”, “Nearer My God To Thee”, “My Jesus I Love Thee”... etc is amazing. One could settle upon many proper doctrine just from these songs.

But let’s turn our attention from the old hymns of our faith to what is called ‘Contemporary Christian Music’, or Christian Rock and Roll. Whether the C-rocker wants to admit it or not, he is a preacher, and with every song he is preaching a sermon into the mind of those who hear him. His supposed topic for his music is Jesus Christ [that is why it is called Christian Music], thus he is treading on HOLY ground.


At an average concert a C-Rock band will play around 20 songs. Remember each song is a sermon, each Song is a teaching that the hearers will retain for years to come. How would we rate their ‘sermons’? The sermon’s content must be examined. Content is more important than style or delivery. So what is the content of their sermons?

On average a C-Rock band will sing three cover songs during a concert. A cover song is a secular song that is sung in honor of a secular rock band who the C-rock band looks up to and seeks to honor. For instance the group
“Third Day” does songs by U2, Lynyrd Synyrd and Elvis Presley. The group “Dc Talk” covers songs from Nirvana, U2, Jimmi Hendrix, and REM to name a few.

So on average a young person will hear around three
[it could be a lot of more] rock songs written by secular artists at a C-Rock Concert. These secular rockers were not inspired by the Holy Spirit to write their songs, in fact many wrote while being demonically inspired. This would be like a preacher preaching one sermon a month that was written by a non-believer, who is Satantically inspired!

Would you honestly send your children to a church where the speaker openly gives a sermon once a month that was written by a demoniac who hates everything that Christ stands for? Of course not. But that is what your children are receiving at the C-Rock Concerts.

Now let’s think about the other 17 songs that are suppose to be Christian at the concert. When compared to the great hymns of the faith the vast majority are exceedingly shallow. The great truths of the Christian faith, especially any mention of doctrines like: Justification by faith alone through Grace alone, are hardly if ever mentioned. This is because most C-rockers gain a lot of revenue from the Roman Catholic Church and do not wish to offend their members. Also many C-Rock Bands are into the ecumenical movement, and they desire the protestant Churches to move back toward Rome.

C-rock songs usually don't mention anything about repentance, turning from worldliness and ungodliness, or anything of holiness and purity. They do not sing about the work of Christ in sanctification, and conforming the believer to his appearance. Modesty, humility, shamefacedness, are considered foreign words at a C-rock concert. Most won't even sing about the cross and what it really meant.

Though some C-rock songs have lyrics that seem to have some vestige of Biblical knowledge in them, a lot of them are more like the song “Funky Jesus” by DC Talk’s Toby Mac. Just read the words and see how the grandeur of Christ and his Gospel is revealed through Toby’s lyrics.

Rock, rock. Give me that rock
That hip, that rock . Give me that funky

Yo stick it in red , We got the cred
No need to say what's already been said
Don't need to please, When we got the proof
We be on our knees, When we raise the roof

'Cause we got the Wow pow mix of flavor
We got the funky Jesus blazer
No equal Diverse people
Come get it now Won't be a sequel

None of that mumbo jumbo
Give me that hip hop funk soul
Give me that funky Jesus music
Give me that soulful gumbo

Can you savor the sweet taste of doctrinal purity and holiness that this song exudes? What this song and much of C-rock exudes is foolishness, irreverence and blaspheme. Jesus isn’t “Funky”, Jesus is HOLY, HOLY, HOLY. And I guarantee Mr. Toby Mac will not be singing garbage like this at the return of Jesus Christ.

But this is an example of the messages your child is receiving from the C-rockers at their concerts. There will be three 'song sermons' that are openly from Satan, the rest is watered down or just plain foolish. And all are mixed with Rock Music that adds to the message of every rock song the taint of sensuality and unholiness.

The young person walks away from the concert not FILLED with the glory of GOD and his righteousness, but with confusion. Dazed and confused and powerless to overcome the sin in his life. Unable to come out of the world or to overcome the world.

And Satan sits back and laughs every time a Christian parent allows his child to go to his Church, the C-rock concert.

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