Chris Tomlin
Worship Leader or Rock N Roller?

Chris Tomlin is one of the first planks in satan’s C-rock bridge that connects the church with the world. When unsuspecting pastors and parents hear Tomlin’s lighter songs they think, “C-rock must not be all bad”, and they open the door for Rock and Roll to enter their homes and churches.

When C-rock enters a church it pushes out the hymns and the old spiritual songs of the faith. Those who have addicted themselves to the beat of rock have no ear for the ‘old fashioned’ music of the Church.

In the article, “Hip Hymns Are Him,”

Tomlin “thinks of himself less as a musician and more as a worship leader. Tomlin is the chief American practitioner of the pop-sounding ‘praise and worship’ music that has replaced traditional hymns in congregations looking for a younger crowd.” –Time Magazine.

This is reason enough not to listen to him or buy his music. Here is an example of Tomlin’s weak watered down lyrics, that are replacing the great hymns in many churches:

You are the first, You go before
You are the last, Lord, You’re the encore
All the earth will sing Your praise
The moon and stars, the sun and rain
Then he repeats “Glory in the Highest” over and over again.

The Chris Tomlin formula seems simple: use “invented” metaphors, insipid theology, and repetitive choruses. Throw in a nice rock beat, and there you have it.


Satan deceives by degrees. He doesn’t suddenly drop you into boiling water, but he raises the heat a little at a time. If he can deceive you into accepting a little rock, he knows that just a little leaven will leaven the whole lump.

As time has went on you can see how Tomlin’s music is beginning to take on darker tones. As CCM Magazine stated:

“I Will Follow” pounds with a heavier beat, signifying the heavier, even darker instrumentation to come… Together, it’s completely Tomlin yet remarkably inventive.”-CCM Magazine

Chris Tomlin tours and works with such bands as: David Crowder, Toby Mac of DC Talk, Skillet, Matt Redman, Michael W. Smith and Charlie Hall. If Chris Tomlin was any different than these men, he would not run with them. Birds of a feather flock together. A man of GOD would never promote such bands as the above mentioned.


When you go to Chris Tomlin’s website you will not find a doctrinal statement, neither can you find one study that tells visitors how to be saved. You can search all you want, and you will not be able to find his stand on the Word of God, his position with the Roman Catholic Church, his stand on rock music, drugs, immodesty, modernism, New Evangelical philosophy, or the ecumenical movement. The fact is the only thing that was real clear on his website was his up coming concerts, the albums he has for sale, how great he was and what he has done [his Grammy’s, Dove awards,  etc...].

The main reason for this is Chris Tomlin is a rock musician. He is not a ‘worship leader’, he is a rock and roller. Anyone who’s ever seen Chris Tomlin live knows that the experience is indistinguishable from a rock concert. At his concerts you will find walls of amplifiers, colored lights, smoke, and screaming teenagers. This has to tell you something about the “WORSHIP” of Tomlin. His concerts are big, loud, and flashy. With a lot of young people (especially girls) who are most certainly not thinking much about worshipping anyone but Chris Tomlin and of course the spirit behind the rock music.


Chris Tomlin said,
“"I feel as though we're like this landing strip in the desert for our great, incredible God to arrive on; a way for Him to come into people's lives"...

What spirit is entering the lives of these young people as they attend these Rock Concerts? Who is the ‘god’ of Rock and Roll? Alistair Crowley, the spiritual guide behind rock and roll said:

"The combination of sound, rhythm, colour and movement can be used to attract demonic spirits into people" – Satanist Alistair Crowley.

As Rocker David Bowie admitted:
"Rock has always been THE DEVIL'S MUSIC”. And to attempt to join Jesus to Rock and Roll, is the same as trying to join Christ to Belial. It isn’t possible. 

Chris Tomlin even covers the anti-christ band U2, singing their song “Where the streets have no name”. What is a Christian Musician doing promoting the music of a band like U2? Look at our study on "Third Day" to see the spirit behind U2's music.

C-rock confuses, pollutes and deceives the next generation of the body of Christ. C-rock makes a vulgar image of God, glorifies self, and makes God in man's own rebellious image. All forms of Rock invite demonic influences into the listener.

C-rock exposes young people to seducing spirits [1 Timothy 4:1] that leads them away from the true faith. It also feeds the flesh, the old  ‘man’, the sin nature, while it quenches the work of the Holy Spirit in the life of the listener, thus leaving him powerless to over come sin and the world.

Just as Satan used U2 to bring in youths who were not attracted to open Satanism, he now is using Rockers like Chris Tomlin to bring in youths who are not allowed to listen to secular rock. By calling it “Christian” Satan is able to lure unsuspecting parents into turning their children over to the spirit of rock.

One of the main works of C-Rock is to blind the minds of its listeners and to take away their ability to discern. Few are able to discern that the ultimate goal of Satan is to bring in a “new age” of luciferin utopia. To do this all religions must be united. Chris Tomlin is a musical leader in the ecumenical movement, working furiously to bring all faiths ‘together’.

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