In Ellen White’s mind, a perfect diet consisted of pure plant material and water, (that is a vegan diet, with no meats, and no meat by products). She taught that the Adventist should eat this purely vegetable diet twice a day, with moderate helpings. (If you have ever seen a picture of the ‘older’ Ellen White, you will quickly see that she did not follow her own advice! And it is fact that she continued eating meat (venison, herring, oysters, and Chicken, Especially CHICKEN) for over thirty years after she had her first health vision. But this ‘hypocrisy’ was a blessing in disguise to her, and to her other Adventist friends who REBELLED against her so called “Divine Vision”. For if they had continued in her ‘heavenly diet’ they would have died quickly.
Ellen Says: “Grains and fruits prepared free from grease, and in as natural a condition as possible, should be the food for the tables of all who claim to be preparing for translation to heaven. (Testimonies, Vol. 2, p. 352)

In 1902, Mrs. White said that the people of God would soon need to stop eating dairy products and eggs (see Testimonies, vol. 7, p. 135).

Some people do not realize that a strict vegetarian diet can fairly rapidly result in death! Vitamin B12 is found only in animal products. (Cows make their own B12, man cannot). Fortunately most vegetarians are not true vegetarians in that they eat milk products and eggs. These are good sources of Vitamin B12. Many of the Seventh-day Adventists would have died of Vitamin B12 deficiency if they had strictly followed their prophets health advice. What Mrs. White considered to be stubbornness and rebellion in giving up meat and meat products in the diet, was in reality a merciful intervention by God to save their lives.

The modern followers of Ellen White may say they have vitamin supplements they can take, so they do not worry about a vitamin B12 deficiency! Well yes, but many of them forget that Ellen White wrote against the use of drugs.

EGW: More deaths have been caused by drug-taking than from all other causes combined. If there was in the land one physician in the place of thousands, a vast amount of premature mortality would be prevented. Multitudes of physicians, and multitudes of drugs, have cursed the inhabitants of the earth, and have carried thousands and tens of thousands to untimely graves. Selected Messages Book 2, page 450, paragraph 2

"You should avoid the use of drugs and carefully observe the laws of health. If you regard your life you should eat plain food, prepared in the simplest manner, and take more physical exercise. Each member of the family needs the benefits of health reform. But drugging should be forever abandoned; for while it does not cure any malady, it enfeebles the system, making it more susceptible to disease."
(Testimonies, vol. 5, p. 311)

“I was obliged to tell her that this practice of depending upon medicine, whether in large or small doses, was not in accordance with the principles of health reform." (Manuscript Releases Vol. 13, p. 177) Also see The Paulson Collection, p. 22

What many will argue is that the pills that they take as vitamins are not drugs; but in truth they certainly are. A drug is a medicine or other substance which has a marked effect when taken into the body. And it is a proven fact that vitamins when taken in too high of a dosage  can have the same dangerous side-effects as other drugs.

According to Dr. Vicki G. Hufnagel, " Vitamins are drugs"2. Dr. Ralph C. Cinque, Ph.D agrees, "All vitamins and mineral supplements, because they are fractionated, are treated as toxic waste in the body."

Dear reader do you really believe Ellen is a prophet? Then why did she give health advice that if strictly followed would lead to death? How many of you would dare follow a strictly vegan diet without supplements?

Did you know by following the advice of Ellen White there has been several Adventists who have died unnecessary deaths? For instance she forbade the use of quinine, which before the invention of modern synthetic medicines was the major treatment used for Malaria, several of the first SDA missionaries followed the advice of Ellen White, and refused the quinine treatment in Africa. Needless to say they soon died.

EGW SAID: "Mercury, calomel, and quinine have brought their amount of wretchedness, which the day of God alone will fully reveal." Spiritual Gifts, Vol. 4A, p. 139

Concerning another tragic incident, Her son W.C. White wrote the following in a letter:

"One time while we were in Australia, a brother who had been acting as a missionary in the islands, told mother of the sickness and death of his first-born son. He was seriously afflicted with malaria, and his father was advised to give him quinine, but in view of the counsel in the testimonies to avoid the use of quinine he refused to administer it, and his son died." (--W. C. White letter, September 10, 1935)

Now there is little doubt that Ellen White advocated some good principals concerning health, she gleaned this gems of truth from the writers of her day which can be proven quite easily, for she often quoted their writings word for word; but also she copied their errors, and some of them are very dangerous, others are rather ludicrous. Like all of Ellen’s writings there is a mix of truth and error; which is a sure sign that the lady was not inspired by GOD! PLEASE CONTINUE READING FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THIS ISSUE!

The following article was published by the Adventist News Network ,   concerning a death from Ellen White's diet.

New Zealand: Death of Child Demonstrates Dangers of Health Fanaticism
June 11, 2002 Auckland, New Zealand .... [Bettina Krause/Brenton Stacey/ANN]

A New Zealand couple, whose six-month-old son died last year due to complications from vitamin B12 deficiency, was convicted last week of manslaughter. Caleb Moorhead died in March 2001 of
bronchopneumonia associated with anemia and brain damage. Roby and Deborah Moorhead, strict vegans, had refused to vary their son's diet and resisted medical treatment for his vitamin deficiency. They told the court that their actions were based on their religious beliefs and their interpretation of the writings of Ellen White, a founder of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

This was an "avoidable tragedy," according to a leading Adventist health professional in the South Pacific.

Dr. Allan Handysides, health ministries director of the Adventist world church, calls the New Zealand case "a dreadful tragedy."

"The church, through its health ministries department, promotes a well-balanced, lacto-ova vegetarian diet [the form of vegetarianism that includes eggs and dairy products]," he says. "And even then, not when this goes against medical advice in individual cases."

Such a distorted view of health practices (purely vegan diet) comes about through a "manipulation of the writings of Mrs. White," he says.


Landless says the vast majority of the church's 13 million members have a clear understanding of the balanced, wholistic approach to health advocated by the Adventist Church. But when
misinterpretations occur, they must be tackled head-on, he says.

An integral part of the department's worldwide education program is alerting people to the need for sufficient vitamin B12. More than two years ago, the Adventist Church's General Conference Nutrition Council, made up of some 25 doctors, nutritionists and other health professionals from across the United States, published a document warning about the dangers of B12 deficiency. The statement emphasizes the importance of the vitamin, describes signs and
consequences of deficiency, lists dietary sources, and urges all vegetarians--but especially individuals who choose a vegan diet--to ensure they get the daily recommended intake.

"Reports from around the world reveal that many long-term total vegetarians [or vegans] are especially at risk of vitamin B12 deficiency," the document reads. "Unfortunately many [vegans] do not realize the seriousness of B12 deficiency."

The following article explains the dangers of vitamin B12 deficiency.

Vegetarians are prone to anaemia
by Dr Sumitra Dash

Anaemia is a clinical state where the quantity and quality of haemoglobin is reduced below the norms appropriate for the age and sex and thus resulting in a plethora of clinical signs and symptoms. In India, haemoglobin levels below 12.5g/dl in men and 11.5g/dl in women is considered as anaemia, requiring investigation and treatment. Nutritional anaemias are caused by the dietary deficiency of the essential elements necessary for the production of haemoglobin, e.g. iron, Vit B12 and folic acid. Although nutritional anaemias are widespread, its clinical manifestations are not spectacular, and for this reason the disease is often ignored. While clinical manifestations of nutrient deficiencies account for less than 10 per cent, moderate-to-severe forms of dietary deficiency without clinical signs are present in 30-50 per cent of our population.

The vegetarian people are at increased risk for Vit B12 deficiency, because Vit B12 is supplied primarily through the dietary intake of animal products — meat and dairy foods. Breast-fed infants of vegetarian mothers may also develop Vit. B12 deficiency. Vit. B12 deficiency is also more common in the older population than in the younger persons because of inadequate dietary intake and age-related gastro-intestinal abnormalities that limit the absorption of Vit B12 from the diet. Many gastrointestinal abnormalities lead to malabsorption and increased risk for deficiency. High demand states as in diseases with increased production of red blood cells such as thalassaemia, cancer or bacterial overgrowth can lead to deficiency, even if absorption is intact and there is adequate Vit B12 in the diet. Repetitive hemodialysis for renal failure has also been shown to deplete Vit B12 stores.

The deficiency of Vit B12 causes a slowly developing anaemia and produces few symptoms until the hemoglobin levels are very low. About 2 mg of Vit B12 is stored in the liver and another 2 mg in other parts of the body. The normal daily requirement is only 2.4mg. Because of high body stores and low turnover, it takes months or years for the deficiency to develop in a healthy person. Deficiency in a strict vegetarian develops in 10-20 years.

Clinical features of the Vit B12 deficiency involve blood, the nervous system, the gastrointestinal tract and , more recently, heart diseases. Anaemia is the most common manifestation. Patients with anaemia may report weakness, light-headedness, vertigo and tinnitus (ringing in the ear) along with palpitation, angina and symptoms of congestive heart failure. Other blood cells such as platelets and white blood cells may also be affected and result in bleeding and frequent bouts of infections. Neurologic manifestations may occur in persons even with normal haemoglobin levels.

Peripheral nerves are first to be affected, resulting in peripheral neuropathy which manifests in the form of tingling and burning sensations, and partial numbness in the feet and fingers. When the nerves of the spinal cord and brain are involved it results in decreased or absent vibratory and positional senses, drowsiness, giddiness, weakness, poor coordination, psychosis in the form of depression, schizophrenia, smell and vision impairment, forgetfulness and dementia. Neurologic manifestations are often irreversible, but treatment can arrest progression. Gastrointestional symptoms of the Vit B12 deficiency includes anorexia, moderate weight loss, tongue pain with a smooth and red tongue and perversion of taste.

The important medical history includes the dietary habit, the intake of various drugs such as metformin, slow release potassium chloride, omeprazole, cimetidine which might significantly reduce the absorption of Vit B12. Patients should be asked about alcohol consumption, as it not only decreases Vit B12 absorption but also nutritional intake is poor in alcoholics. Surgical procedures involving stomach and intestines will also reduce Vit B12 absorption.

The recommended treatment is a high dose Vit B12 of 1000mg per day (given by an intra-muscular injection). Oral Vit B12 can also effectively treat the deficiency. A daily dose of 50mg-100mg will correct the deficiency. The more recently developed Vit B12 intra nasal gel is given intra-nasally at 500mg every week. However, this is an expensive agent and provides no advantage over oral preparations. Yet to be established is whether once-a-month intra-muscular administration is more economical than daily oral dosing in the long-term care setting. But most people will probably prefer to avoid a monthly injection. *****PLEASE NOTE DEAR READER THIS ADVICE OF TAKING VITAMENT B12 SUPPLEMENT IS CONTRARY TO THE WRITINGS OF ELLEN WHITE!***

Importance of Vit B12 in heart disease: Deficiency of Vit B12 can also predispose the blockade of blood vessels because of its role in the normal functioning of the blood vessels. It is, therefore, given as a preventive measure to the patients who are at high risk for heart disease such as diabetics, hypertensives and patients who already had some heart ailments.

The vegetarians are, therefore, prone to develop Vit B12 deficiency unless they supplement their diet with Vit B12 preparations. Oral replacement therapy is safe, inexpensive and effective.

— The writer, Professor of Haematology, PGI, Chandigarh, is the President of the Indian Society of Haematology and Transfusion Medicine.


The following information is from non-bias, pro-vegetarian sources

"Vitamin B12 is found exclusively in animal flesh and animal
products - such as milk, cheese and eggs. B12 is manufactured in
animals by friendly bacteria. It has been claimed that some plant
foods such as spirulina and tempeh contain vitamin B12. However,
these foods only contain an inactive type of B12 that is not useful
to the human body, and vegans may be advised to use a vitamin B12
supplement. This is particularly important for infants , and those who are pregnant or breastfeeding since a deficiency in B12 can lead to development of brain damage in infants."

Do mushrooms have B12 in them?

Mushrooms cultivated on manure enriched compost will contain vitamin
B12. If the mushrooms are not over washed before use they will
contain some B12. There is 0.26ug of vitamin B12 in 100g of
mushrooms. A serving of 4-6 mushrooms weighs 75g. **NOTE: The FDA's
minimal daily requirement is 2 micrograms daily. [most people need
at least 3]"

Editors comments:— First Mushrooms are not plants, are not a part of the biblical diet, they are fungus, which is the same stuff that grows on peoples feet when they have athletes foot. Also note you will need 10 servings of DUNG rich mushrooms to receive the minimal amount of B12 daily! But instead you could eat One serving of steak (just a 3 ounce steak contains all you need!) One serving of chicken or turkey (4 ounces) contains all you need! One serving of Salmon (3.5 ounces) is all you need!


Just check out all the good reasons to eat SALMON!


Vitamin B12

"Vitamin B12 is found primarily in meat, dairy products and eggs and is absent from plant foods. Considerable research has been carried out into possible plant sources of B12. Fermented soya products, seaweeds and algae such as spirulina have all been proposed as
containing significant amounts of B12. However, the present consensus is that any B12 present in plant foods is likely to be in a form unavailable to humans and so these foods should not be relied upon as safe sources. "

"Vitamin B12 is important in the formation of red blood cells and the maintenence of a healthy nervous system. When deficiency does occur it is more likely to be due to a failure to absorb B12 from the intestine than a dietary deficiency."

"Vegans can obtain B12 from a wide range of foods which have been fortified with the vitamin. These include certain yeast extracts, veggieburger mixes, breakfast cereals, vegetable margarines and soya milks. You should check the packaging to see which individual products are fortified with B12. "


Editor's comments: I think GOD knew what he was doing when he told man
to eat meat, and set the right example through his Son. I'd rather  eat some NATURAL MEAT, OR EGGS or CHEESE or MILK than take the man- made highly processed vitamins for my B12. Dear reader you can buy beef that has been raised without hormones and antibiotics and that was fed a veggie diet (Laura's Lean Beef for example) and you can buy Chicken raised the same way.

I still challenge an Adventist to subsist wholly on the diet recommended by their prophet Ellen White. Remember Ellen's diet,  is a diet made up of fruits, grains, nuts and vegatables only! No meat products, no milk, and no processed foods that have been FORTIFIED, and of course NO

I tell you friends, a vegan can live pretty healthy with the supplements, but take them away, and you have EGW's Diet of Death!



Babylon Forsaken

"Come out her My people" - Jesus Christ

                          ELLEN'S DIET OF DEATH

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