Babylon Forsaken
                             "Come out of her my people" - Jesus Christ


Babylon Forsaken Ministries has been blessed in being put in contact with Pastor James Dugger of Ghana West Africa. Pastor Dugger has faithfully preached the word of the Lord for over 25 years, leading many souls to Christ and into the simplicity of God's truth.

Since the Spring of 2006 we have gathered offerings for Bro. Dugger and the Ghana mission. We then have sent the offering  directly to the Pastor three times a year. We hope as the offerings increase that we can soon send him help every month.

If you would like to have fruit in this ministry you certainly can, this is how:

You can send a money order made to: Pastor Martin Bledsoe, for the Ghana Mission, to the following address:

Babylon Forsaken Ministries
Po box 1171,
Evarts KY 40828

If you like you can donate via a credit card, debit card, or bank card by going to and clicking on the send money link. Then type in the following email address into the field that says TO:

Be sure you mention the Ghana Mission. Every cent we receive marked Ghana will be gathered together as a single offering and then sent directly to Pastor James Dugger for his ministry.

The following is a letter from Pastor Dugger describing the work taking place in Ghana, along with pictures.


Africa for Christ Outreach
P. O. Box 495
Ghana, West Africa.
Mobile +233 243610815

Leadership Body: James & Agartha Donkor Dugger

Evangelistic efforts: Distribution of Bibles and literature and tapes on various Bible topics.

Purpose: Mission Statement: To spread the Good News of the Gospel of Christ through literature and Tapes distributions and win souls for Jesus Christ. Main focus is to evangelize perishing souls in Africa and to make disciples for Christ. African for Christ Outreach is a non-denominational Christian Ministry dedicated to proclaiming the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We believe that God desires to be in a loving relationship with every generation and to bring the hope of Christ to those who live in seemingly hopeless situations in Africa, etc. We believe in spite of circumstances, idol and dwarfs worship, habit and bad decisions that God longs to reconcile every perishing soul to Him through the life changing, forgiveness, and love of Jesus Christ. It is our desire to help make this a reality among those living on the remote villages on the Continent, by brining the life, the love and the friendship of Christ into their lives.


We are glad you stopped by. This website is purposely to provide information about African for Christ Outreach Ministries and let you know how you can get involved. First, let me tell you a little about who we are and what Africa for Christ Outreach Ministry is all about.

My wife and I who believe that God loves us all, regardless of our race, gender, or economic status. We bring amazing love of Jesus Christ into the dark places of our African continent where it is generally not going, and so desperately needed. Many families have been displaced, children have been left distressed and orphans and the conditions in which they are living in are unbearable. We share the life-changing message of the good news to the unloved, the forgotten, and the underdogs of the African. Rather than expecting them to come to our church, we instead bring church to them.

So how do we do this? African for Christ Outreach is dedicated to sharing the good news of the love of Jesus Christ of Nazareth and our lives by building relationships with the very distressed in Africa who live in the streets, subways and remote areas. Our objective is the bring the friendship of God and His salvation to all the Africans.

We will like to appeal to well wishers to denote directly to Pastor Martin Bledsoe, for Africa for Christ Outreach Ministry and anything from as little as pound or dollar will make a huge difference to the development of the Ministry to reach the unsearched. Your support will be highly appreciated.
We also run a school (charity Institution) dub ‘’Dreamland School’’ caring for orphans and less fortunate children. You can also find information about the school if you like to have fruit in this Ministry.   For more about the "Dreamland School" you can click here for
Pictures and Your Questions Answered.

Thank you.