Is Mel Gibson’s film “The Passion of the Christ” based only on the bible?
"Mel Gibson based the script on the diaries of St. Anne Catherine Emmerich that are collected in the book "The Dolorous Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ", on Mary of Agreda's "The City of God" and on the New Testament Gospel of Luke, John, Matthew and Mark.”

Are the writings of Anne Emmerich and Mary of Agreda historical fact? Both of these ladies lived over a thousand years after the death of Christ, so where did they obtain their information about the death of Jesus? Anne Emmerich was an anti-semitic false prophet, or what the Roman Catholics call a “Mystic Nunn”. She received her information from demons who posed as the spirits of the dead whom she conversed with, including the “Virgin Mary”. One who attempts to contact the dead is called a necromancer in the scriptures, and this act is strictly forbidden by the word of GOD. (See Deuteronomy 18:10-12)

The following quote from Anne Catherine is probably one of the most revealing concerning her attitude toward the Jews. Here she is contacted by a ‘ghost’ of a Jewish widow.

“The soul of the old Jewess Meyr told me on the way that it was true that in former times the Jews, both in our country and elsewhere, had strangled many Christians, principally children, and used their blood for all sort of superstitious and diabolical practices... They still follow such practices in this country and in others more distant; but very secretly, because they are obliged to have commercial  intercourse with Christians”. The Life and Revelations of Anne Catherine Emmerich (Rockford, IL: Tan Books, 1976), I: 547-548.

How much of Mel Gibson movie is taken from the writings of Anne Emmerich? Almost every scene and every line that does not appear in the scriptures is taken from the demonic visions of Anne Emmerich and/or is based upon Catholic tradition. The Stations of the Cross, the Sorrowful Mysteries, and the writings of these Catholic mystics provide extra material with which Gibson created his ‘so called’ artistic statement of faith. (Mel Gibson is of course a practicing Roman Catholic).

These extra biblical scenes range from Satan appearing to Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane to tempt the Lord. (Which is not in the bible but is found in the ‘vision’ of Anne Emmerich.) To the women kissing the feet of Jesus as he hung on the cross. (Which is not in the bible but is practiced daily by idolatrous Roman Catholics to their statues).

Also in the movie as Christ carries his cross he encounters his mother, then his face it wiped by a young maiden, and during all of this he falls beneath the load of the cross several times, of course none of this is scriptural but all is present in the Roman Catholic tradition called the “Stations of the Cross”.

In the movie, after Peter denies Jesus, he falls at Mary's feet and cries out, "I have denied him, mother!" Although the scripture records that Peter disassociated himself from Christ three times, this conversation with Mary is not in the Gospels but is found in Emmerich’s vision. And of course this scene exalts the Catholic’s false teaching that Mary is a type of intercessor that exists between Christ and man. To Rome Peter represents the head of the church, and in this film the ‘viceregent of Christ’ is bowed before Mary confessing his sin!

“” has assembled five pages of scenes and lines that do not appear in the scriptures. That is correct, there are over FIVE PAGES OF EXTRA BIBLICAL CATHOLIC jargon added to the movie. That means there are at least five pages of falsehoods added to the biblical description! GOD commands us not to add to his word! The following link lists many of these extra biblical scenes:

Clearly the “Passion of the Christ” exalts the traditions of the Catholic Church, along with visions of their demonic “mystic nuns”. One of the most disgraceful of all the scenes of the movie is the last, where the awakened Jesus is shown walking out of the tomb stark naked! Pure blasphemy as they cast reproach upon the resurrected Christ. Did you know one of the main characters Monica Belluci who played Mary Magdalene is an unrepentant notorious actress that has played in 'porno-GRAPHIC' movies! The actor who played Jesus, Jim Caviezel said the following,
““I may be playing Jesus, but I felt like Satan”, as he describes how he cussed out a fellow actor on the set. Clearly Satan has left his finger prints all over the film, and it will work to suit his purposes.

Despite all of this corruption, so called Pastors and religious leaders lie and tell their churches that the movie is biblical! Whole churches are renting Movie theaters for a day so that their congregation can view the film. The facts are these:
A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, and an evil tree cannot bring forth good fruit (See Matthew 7:17-18). Hollywood is evil, and the theology of the Roman Catholic Church is demonic, and the only thing that issues forth from these fountains is corruption. If the so called “Born Again Christians” had any discernment at all, they would have rejected this movie and warned their brethren to stay away from it. The bible teaches us by beholding we are changed, and by beholding the corruption of this film, with it many Satan inspired scenes, our thoughts will be corrupted. The spirits that attended Emmerich as she consulted the ‘dead’, attend her writings, and the very movie that is based upon them.

God has given us four descriptions of the true ‘passion’ of Christ, they are titled, “Matthew, Mark, Luke and John”. The biblical gospel accounts do not focus on the blood and the gore, but rather they exemplify the dignity of the precious Son of GOD. To the Roman Catholic mind, Jesus is still a dead man on the cross; but to the Christian the cross is empty, and he is risen!

I urge each of you to reject this film, do not spend a penny upon it! The money that you spend viewing it goes to Hollywood, and to Mel Gibson who is planning to build a private church on a 16 acre plot in Malibu. This will be a church that teaches a false gospel, a false Christ, and exalts the beast of Revelation thirteen! Wake up dear reader! And urge your ‘Christian’ friends to wake up and to come out of
Babylon! Revelation 18:4-5

Bro. Martin