The Beast, The Image and The Mark

Revelation Chapter Thirteen begins by drawing the reader’s mind back to the prophecy of Daniel Seven [
It is important that the reader first studies Daniel 7, if you have not read it please click here -- Daniel 7]. The four beasts of Daniel are named in verses one and two. Notice they are mentioned in the opposite order because John is now looking backward through history, while Daniel was seeing into the future. That the ‘Little Horn’ of Daniel 7 and this first Beast of Revelation 13 are the same entity we offer this six-point comparison as given by Uriah Smith found in his book titled ‘Daniel and the Revelation’.

“1. The little horn was a blasphemous power. “He shall speak great words against the Most High” Daniel 7:25. The leopard beast of Revelation 13:6 does the same. “He opened his mouth in blasphemy against God”. 2. The little horn made war with the saints, and prevailed against them (in) Daniel 7:21. This beast also (Revelation 13:7) makes war with the saints and overcomes them. 3. The little horn had a mouth speaking great things (Daniel 7:8,20). Of this beast we read: “There was given unto him a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies” (Revelation 13:5). 4. The little horn arose on the cessation of the pagan from of the Roman Empire. The beast of Revelation 13:2 arises at the same time; for the dragon, pagan Rome, gives him his power, his seat, and great authority. 5. Power was given to the little horn to continue for a time, times and the dividing of time, or 1260 years (Daniel 7:25). To this beast also power was given for forty-two months, or 1260 years (Revelation 13:5). 6. At the end of that specified period of 1260 years the “saints”, “times” and “law” were to be taken out of the “hand” of the little horn (Daniel 7:25). At the end of the same period, the leopard beast was himself to be led “into captivity” Revelation 13:10.”

Of course these things were fulfilled in 1798 when the French General Berthier took Pope Pius VI captive, thus abolishing the Papal Government. At which time the nations of the world thought the Papacy was dead. She had been stricken with the Sword of the Spirit by the Reformers and the Beast which had kept the world captive was now lead into Captivity. Yet the Bible predicted that the Beast that was wounded unto death, would be revived [Revelation 13:14]. Many Bible Scholars consider the Lamb Like Beast of Revelation 13:11, who is also called the ‘False Prophet’ [Revelation 19:20] to be a symbol of the modern resurrected Papacy.

When was the Papacy revived?

“In 1929 the kingdom of Italy and the papacy reached an agreement known as the Lateran Treaty. The treaty recognized the Vatican City as an independent state under the sovereignty of the pope and made Roman Catholicism the official religion of Italy. Benito Mussolini signed the treaty for the Italian government, and Pietro Cardinal Gaspari signed for the papacy.”– Encarta Encyclopedia, Lateran Treaty Article

On February 11, 1929, the Italian government recognized Vatican City as an independent state, thus making the Pope once again a Priest and King. In the San Francisco Newspaper this prophetic headline appeared.

"Mussolini and Gaspari Sign Historic Pact.....Heal Wound of Many Years." -The San Francisco Chronicle 7-7-1929

Since its resurrection in 1929 the Papacy has grown rapidly in political power. For instance, over two-hundred world leaders attended the funeral of John Paul II, whom they called, “Holy Father”. The Papacy is also working frantically to unite the Churches and religions of the world under its umbrella.

The Image of the Beast

The Bible predicts that soon the people of the earth will be persuaded by the Beast who looks Christian [like a Lamb], but is inwardly devilish [speaks like a dragon] to make an image, or to build a likeness of the first beast, which was the Holy Roman Empire. The Holy Roman Empire was of course the nations of Europe united under the Papacy.

Few people realize that World War II was an attempt by two Roman Catholics to forcibly re-establish the Holy Roman Empire. Hitler and Mussolini [who were both Roman Catholics] were the axis Powers of World War Two and were both eager to restore the Empire to “glory”.  In 1936, Mussolini pompously proclaimed that what Italians were seeing was, “the reappearance of the Empire on the fated hills of Rome”. And remember according to the Lateran Treaty Roman Catholicism would become the official religion of whatever nation that fell into the hands of Mussolini. Hitler, who was a nominal Catholic, continually preached his vision of “Third Reich [empire]”. Even Hitler’s hatred for the Jews stemmed firstly from his Roman Catholic roots. Few today realize that Catholicism had for centuries been the pinnacle of antisemitism. For example, Pope Innocent III, at the beginning of the thirteenth century, stated that because of their involvement in the execution of Jesus, the Jewish people were in a state of "perpetual subservience." He also required them to wear distinctive clothing and sanctioned barring Jews from certain professions. It is recorded that Hitler in a friendly session with the Catholic Bishop Bering and Monsignor Steinman observed that his policy for the Jews, after all, was "what the church had done for 1,500 years." Pope Pius XII, who has been called “Hitler’s Pope” by many scholars, put up absolutely no public resistance to the work of Hitler and Mussolini. The following is a quote from the Encarta Encylopedia:

“The Pope Pius XII never criticized the persecution of the Jews in an encyclical, nor did he ever threaten to excommunicate Hitler, nominally a Catholic, or other Catholics involved in the Holocaust. Moreover, although the pope and his advisers were fully informed about the extermination of the Jews during World War II, they refused to condemn it” – Encarta Encyclopedia 

Yet Hitler’s war to re-unite Europe forcibly was bound to fail, because the Bible predicted that the people of Europe would not be forced to build the image, but that they would willingly agree to build it. The Bible also predicted that the Kings of Europe would not have their sovereignty forcibly taken from them but rather that they would freely agree to give it up to the Beast [Revelation 13:14, 17:17].

Since the end of World War II the Papacy has attempted to re-establish the Holy Roman Empire not by brute force, but by flatteries and promises of peace. The Pope has been very busy persuading the leaders of Europe to give up their national sovereignty and to unite together in what is called the ‘European Union’. Commenting on the religious factor within the European Union, the Wilson Quarterly had this to say in a review on this subject which appeared in European Union Politics, June 2001:

While the EU may be chiefly an economic community, European integration and religion, particularly Catholicism, ‘were explicitly linked, theoretically and politically,’ when the dream of unity took shape in the early years after World War ii …. ‘European integration in the 1950s was largely a Christian Democratic project, led by devout Catholics... ‘The Protestant countries are reluctant to abandon sovereignty for historical and political reasons,’ while the Catholic Church ‘has consistently supported both the European Union and its expansion.’ … [T]he most devout sectarian Protestants, such as Calvinists in the Netherlands and Northern Ireland, ‘are the least fond of the European Union’”.

Since the year 2000 Rome has increased its pressure on the nations of the EU. For example, during September of 2002 the Pope battered away at the convention’s door in an attempt to force the constituents to recognize Catholicism in the European Constitution.

“For the third time in 12 days, John Paul ii insisted that a European constitution should recognize the role of Christianity in the continent’s history. … In his address today, the pope said, ‘the Holy See has favored the process of unification of Europe since the beginning,’ and he underlined ‘the spiritual-cultural identity’ of the continent. … The Holy Father then emphasized the need to introduce a ‘clear reference to God and to the Christian faith’ in the European Constitutional Charter, for which he requested the ‘specific contribution’ of German experts and political leaders” (Zenit, Sept. 13, 2002).

Today the European Union is becoming a true force in the World, its Euro has not only out gained the American Dollar, but has also become more stable than its American counterpart. Also the nations of the world who once looked only to America for help, has now begun to seek help from the European Union. Soon the EU under the shadow of Rome will be the greatest power on earth, and its influence shall be felt through out the world.

The Number of His Name.

The Bible gives us the number of the beast
"666" and tells us to Count it [Revelation 13:18]. Count in the original Greek text is the word psephizo and this is the only time in the Bible it is used. The word means to use pebbles (small stones) in enumeration.--to compute. You see in the ancient world letters was given numerical value. For example the Roman Numerals are also letters. V represents the number 5. X represents the number 10 and so forth. The Hebrews and the Greeks would also assign a number for every letter. Because of this ancient system it was actually possible to count a persons name and to assign a number to a name. What John is telling us here in this Thirteenth Chapter of Revelation is that the letters of the Name or Title of the Beast will add up to 666.

What was the name recognized by the early Church?

“Lateinos has the number six hundred and sixty-six; and it is a very probable [solution]” – Irenaeus [120-202AD] Against Heresies Book 5, Chapter 30.

“If, then, we take the name as the name of a single man, it becomes Latinus (Lateinos)”. – Hippolytus  [170-236AD] Treatise on Christ and AntiChrist

The word LATEINOS has a total value of 666  (L=30, A=1, T=300, E=5, I=10, N=50, O=70, S=200 added together = 666) And the word Lateinos literal means the ‘Latin Man’.

Who has been historically recognized as the ‘Latin Man’?

Pope Vitallian earned the title “Latinus” when he issued the decree in 663 AD that Latin was the only language to be used in worship. The Church of Rome has since been called the “Latin Church”. The Latin Mass, which was performed through out the world was seen by the Church as a mark of her universality. It was not until 1963 during the Second Vatican Council in its decree Sacrosanctum Concilium, that the Church of Rome allowed the translation of the liturgy and rites of the church from Latin into modern vernaculars. Today Latin remains the official language of the Roman Church.

“In Italy, Latin was originally the dialect of the region around Rome. It was the language of scholarship and diplomacy until the 18th century and of the Roman Catholic liturgy until the late 20th century [1963]... .The Roman Catholic church still uses Latin as the language of its official documents”. – Encarta Encylopedia, Latin Language Article

The Mark of the Beast

According to Scriptures when this ‘image’ is completed it will pass laws [speak] that enforce false worship [Revelation 13:14-15]. Those who refuse will be killed. We find a foreshadowing of this in the Book of Daniel chapter three, where the King of Babylon made an image that represented his kingdom, and then ordered all men to bow down to it. Those who were faithful to Jehovah God refused to bow and were thus thrown into a fiery furnace. According to Revelation 13:16 those who bow to the image will receive a ‘mark’. Do you know what this ‘MARK’ means? It is a stamp (as a badge of servitude). Often landowners would mark their slaves like cattlemen branding their cattle. Their mark showed to whom they belonged.

The Seal of GOD
Let’s consider the Seal of GOD for a moment so that we can better understand the ‘mark of the beast’. When a person is truly saved God places his ‘brand’ or ‘seal’, which is his name upon their forehead [see Revelation 22:4, 7:3, 14:1, 9:4]. Everyone who is born again has God’s name or his seal in their foreheads, this means they are his servants. They accept his word as their authority.

God’s seal is of course invisible because it is by his Spirit. I cannot look upon another Christian and see his seal, and he cannot look at me and see my seal. But there is a way you can spot someone who has been sealed with the Holy Spirit. According to Christ we can know that someone is a Christian by their fruits [Matthew 7:20]. The greatest fruit of the Spirit is love, and Jesus said that love was the distinguishing mark of his disciples [John 13:35]. And according to the Bible our love for God and our brethren is made known by our obedience to his commandments [1st John 2:4, 5:3, Romans 6:16, Deuteronomy 6:4-8].

Notice how the Bible describes those who refuse to receive the mark of the beast:

“Here is the patience of the saints: here are they that keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus.” – Revelation 14:12

May you never forget this dear reader, those who refuse to receive the mark of the beast are those who keep the Commandments of God and those who receive the mark of the beast are those who disobey God that they might render obedience to the Beast.


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