I chose to write this article on the band “Third Day” not because I think they are the worse “Christian Rock” group, but rather I chose them  because they are one of the most respected among their peers. I figure that if I can show you what is wrong with the best of c-rock, it will be easier for you to realize that this music is corrupt through and through.

The ‘Christian’ Rock Group “Third Day” has admitted to being influenced by such secular Rock groups as U2,  Lynyrd Skynyrd, Elvis Presley and Rich Mullins. Third Day often honor these bands by playing their songs during concert.

Why would a Christian sing and honor a group like U2?
[Lynyrd Skynyrd, Elvis, Beatles...etc are also evil, but we want to focus on U2]. U2 is an anti-christ band lead by Bono, who sung, “I stand with the sons of Cain” and “Helter Skelter” as he held an upside down cross. He often imitates Satan on stage. Bono believes that Satan used U2 to bring in unsuspecting youth, who were turned off by more openly Satanic bands. As Bono once said: “It’s all a con—a way of putting people off from the fact that it is a heavy mother. It’s probably our most serious record yet it’s the least serious title. It just fooled everyone. They thought we’d lightened up—which is totally untrue. We’re miserable bastards.”

Bono also denies Jesus Christ by putting a cross around his neck and then singing, “I still haven’t found what I’m looking for”. Asked if Jesus was “THE WAY”, he replied, “I don’t accept that”. In one song Bono blasphemously quotes the 23rd Psalm by saying, “I have cursed thy rod and thy staff, they no longer comfort me”. In another blasphemous song Bono says to Jesus, “Wake up dead man”; as he mocks Christ as being too helpless to help anyone.

Just as Satan used U2 to bring in youths who were not attracted to open Satanism, he now is using Rock Groups like Third Day to bring in youths who are not allowed to listen to secular rock. By calling it “Christian” Satan is able to lure unsuspecting parents into turning their children over to the spirit of rock.

One of the main works of C-Rock is to blind the minds of its listeners and to take away their ability to discern. Few are able to discern the ultimate goal of Satan is to bring in a “new age” of luciferin utopia. To do this all religions must be united. Third Day is a musical leader in the ecumenical movement.

The C
ome Together album is an anthem for an ecumenical, one world, "come together" "love everybody" utopia. The same basic new age-love-mantra put out in the 60s and 70s by The Beatles and John Lennon. You can see the likeness by comparing the following two songs.

Some of the words to Third Day's "Come Together":
You can all call me crazy / For the things that I might say
You can laugh all you want to / I know there will come a day
When we all will come together / And learn to set aside our hate
And we can learn to love our neighbor / Just like we would love ourselves . . .
We've got to come together / 'Cause in the end we can make it -- alright
We've got to learn to love / We've got to learn to love
You can call me a dreamer / But these dreams will come true. . .
We are brothers and we're sisters /
We are one

“Come Together” sounds like Lennon's "Imagine" (which is the official anthem of the New Age Movement):
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace...
You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will be as one

This shouldn’t shock you, because were warned in the Bible that Satan would appear as an angel light, and that through his craft he would deceive the whole world.


I have visited Third Day’s official website to see what kind of Gospel they were promoting; what was amazing is they are not sharing any gospel on their site. There is no statement of faith and there is no Bible studies telling sinners how to be saved. The only thing being promoted on their site is themselves, as they advertise their music, their tours, and clothes with their trade mark.

This makes me ask the question: Who are these guys really serving? Jesus Christ or Mammon? The servants of Christ do not promote themselves. The servants of Christ do not seek the applause and praise of men. The servants of Christ share the plain Gospel. The servants of Christ are not afraid to state their beliefs. The servants of Christ are not attempting to lead people back to Babylon. And the servants of Christ do not “Rock” a generation of worldly young people.

It is satan who is “Rocking” this generation into a spiritual slumber while he steals the souls of the youth.

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