Salvation, Sincerity, and Assurance ‘via’ Ellen White?

During my conversations with certain members of the SDA Church I have received some rather disturbing testimonies concerning the writings of Ellen White. No, it was not the content of her writings that I speak (though they are filled with disturbing teachings and doctrines and falsehoods), but rather it is truly sad to see professed Christians place their entire Christian experience on the fallible, heretical, and inconsistent writings of this woman. For example: One Adventist told me that the SDA church has the holy Spirit
“VIA Ellen White”. Thus by his own words he believes that Ellen White and her writings are the channel by which they receive the holy Spirit.

Another SDA in the ‘historic Adventist’ movement has told me that if Ellen White was not a true prophet that he would not know how to be a sincere Christian any longer. As if this was not enough, while conversing with an Adventist pastor, I was told, “I believe we have the truth needed to enter the kingdom... Because Ellen White said the pioneers had everything they needed to take them into the kingdom, and we believe just like them!” Many other SDA’s have told me that I was blind, that I was backslidden, that I was a puppet of the devil, that I have been left in total darkness, that I had blasphemed the holy Spirit, and that I was on my way to the lake of fire because I reject the writings of Ellen White, and warn people of their inconsistencies.

     Does this sound harsh? Even strange for so called ‘bible believing’ Christians to say to a person simply because he rejects the writings of their church prophet? Does it sound biblical for a person to say that they have the holy Spirit, that they have their sincerity, and that they have assurance because of a person, other than Jesus Christ? It would be impossible for a ‘bible only’ Christian to do this, but friends the SDA Church is not a bible only Church; they have an extra biblical authority, and this ‘authority’ spouts warnings of damnation for all those who reject her. Many SDA’s have indeed received a ‘spirit’ via Ellen White, but it is not the holy Spirit of GOD. The following are 26 warnings that Ellen White gives concerning those who have rejected her testimonies, from reading these warnings you will see that if you believe Ellen White, then your salvation hinges on your continual faith in her words, and obedience to her commands.

#1 If you reject the testimonies God is slighted and insulted  5T 234-5

#2 God is rejected by rejecting the testimonies  5T 623, 688

#3 Christ is rejected by rejecting the testimonies  5T 688

#4 The Spirit is insulted by rejecting the testimonies 5T 64

#5 God rejects the rejecters of the testimonies 5T 72

#6 Those who neglect the testimonies will have agony during time of trouble 1SM 40

#7 Blindness and fearful deception results from hatred for the testimonies 3T 255, 266

#8 The testimonies cannot be rejected or lightly treated without peril of infinite loss LS 324-5

#9 Efforts to lessen force of testimonies must be met in judgment 5T 19, 677

#10 God's blessing withdrawn when the testimonies are not heeded 5T 719

#11 Rejecting the instruction given in testimonies results in failure 1SM 41

#12 Lack of faith in testimonies results in backsliding 5T 675

#13 Disregarding the testimonies leads to a lack of purity and devotion  5T 217

#14 Loss of confidence in testimonies results in drifting away from Bible truth 5T 98, 674

#15 Loss of faith in the testimonies leads to doubt of Scriptures 4T 211

#16 Loss of faith in the testimonies leads to skepticism concerning vital points of faith 4T 211

#17 Neglect of testimonies will be felt in time of trouble 1SM 40

#18 It is dangerous to openly reject the testimonies 5T 680

#19 There is peril in not heeding the testimonies 5T 436

#20 Persons rejecting the testimonies cannot see or hear aright 4aSG 37

#21 Rejection of testimonies shuts out light of heaven 5T 660

#22 Rejection of testimonies  shuts out Spirit from soul 1SM 46

#23 Those who despise the testimonies are left in blindness 3T 257-60; 5T 682

#24 Unbelief of testimonies shuts away light from God's people 3T 255; 5T 674

#25 Rejection of warnings found in testimonies result in blindness and self-deception 5T 682

#26 The wrong attitude toward testimonies insults the Spirit  1SM 27

The bible tells us that there is no salvation in any other besides Jesus Christ and there is no mediator that comes between him and man! (Acts 4:12, 1st Timothy 2:5); how can the SDA condemn the error of Rome’s exaltation of Mary, when they have exalted this woman to almost the same level!

My friends I write this in love, and I pray that if you believe in the writings of Ellen White that you will sincerely ask God for guidance, and that you will be a the faithful Berean and compare everything to the Word of God. And remember, if the prophet does not speak according to the Word of GOD there is no light in them. (Isaiah 8:20)

Bro. Martin